Aerasol Arabic | Mohammed Ali | Soul City Arts


Mohammed Ali’s arts practice began on the streets and transforming urban grey spaces with colour and meaningful messages is where it all began.



During the painting of murals where crowds gathered spontaneously,  big bold movements and swipes of the spraycan became an engaging visual performance. This is where this experience then developed further. Mohammed Ali introduced to his theatrical experiences live painting, sequenced with spoken-word, music and video projections.   Theatres and auditoriums have been transformed to create a unique multi-medium art-form experience in cities such as Rome, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Detroit and London.  He has collaborated with spoken-word artists and musicians across the globe.


Not entirely happy with painting a flat surface, Mohammed Ali became intrigued with cube structures.  The balance and harmony of the four sides, and the power of it to draw audiences towards it when strategically placed in public spaces, became a new canvas for Mohammed’s art.  Soon enough people were swirling around the structure as each surface reveals itself to the viewer.



Various examples of installations Mohammed Ali has created.

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