The Reign Of the Pen - new artwork
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The Reign Of the Pen – new artwork


New Artwork created ‘The Reign Of the Pen’

I started painting this exploring the heritage of the city of Birmingham – where i am born and raised.   Birmingham was once known as a city of a thousand trades, and we once made 75% of the worlds pens around WW2.  During the war, one of the factories in Birmingham was bombed, and it an impact on the industry.   Whilst i was painting this piece, halfway through, the Charlie Hebdo attacks took place.   Suddenly the painting took a different focus, where the pen as a symbol of pacifism and enlightenment became one associated with provocation and violence.   The surveillance cameras were added near the end, when statements were made by the government about how surveillance was now a key priority following the attacks in Paris.


Insight Live! – The Reign of The Pen – Mohammed Ali – Live! Arts Radio Birmingham by Live! Arts Radio Birmingham on Mixcloud

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