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Aerasol Arabic | Mohammed Ali | Soul City Arts

Although i’ve been exploring different disciplines of art-forms over the years beyond the spraycan, my journey into shaping storytelling events is down to my good friend Aman Ali from New York, who delivered one of his StorySlam events with us in Birmingham.

With the organisation I am artistic director of, Soul City Arts, we have since gone on to shaping really exciting storytelling events, using the power of story and narrative to connect people and deal with important issues in community.

Carefully crafting the environment by using lighting, theatrical effects, sound and visuals to create an immersive experience and making it an integral part of the programs has lead to some real moments of magic and transformation. People have poured their hearts out in a setting that have left audiences speechless.

We have been delivering some of these storytelling events in community settings and more recently in the education sector.

Every one of us is a storyteller and subconsciously we are all craving an audience to share our stories with. We just have to create the right environments for those stories to be told.

Enjoy this video of one of our storytelling programs aimed at school students.