Qalam - Video Projection
Aerasol Arabic | Mohammed Ali | Soul City Arts

This is a film especially commissioned to accompany the exhibition ‘Qalam: the art of beautiful writing’. The film and exhibition was at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery from 2nd November 2013 until 26th January 2014.

Birmingham-based visual artist Mohammed Ali responds to the exhibition creating a sound and visual exploration around the objects displayed. The soundscape crafted for the film incorporates vocal elements from Jazz artist Cleveland Watkiss, poet Tshaka Campbell as well as the Muslim call to prayer.

Mohammed’s exploration takes us on a journey of the pen where we discover how the power of words, whether scribed or spoken, can transform our society.

Film by Mohammed Ali; music by Cleveland Watkiss; poetry by Tshaka Campbell and logo design by Soraya Syed (Art of the Pen).