Ilm Arts Festival
Aerasol Arabic | Mohammed Ali | Soul City Arts

The Ilm Arts Festival invited Mohammed Ali to curate a unique new festival celebrating faith, art and creativity which took place in September 2015 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  The festival takes place in the giant Malawati Stadium and gathered thousands of people for a one-day arts festival that brought together artists from five continents.   Mohammed Ali was asked to artisically direct the festival, working on the branding through to artist programming, as well as offering a unique live-performance from him and and his team.

In 2008 Ali established Soul City Arts a global arts movement bringing together artists, activists and communities.  It was driven by a shared commitment to transform society. Ali describes his approach as ‘shifting mindsets’. His formula is to combine creative expressions with strategic visioning, and has been awarded commissions with international NGO’s, corporations, and charities.